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    1. Obama Administration Appeals Overtime Pay Injunction

      Making good on a promise to pursue all possible legal avenues, the Department of Labor is appealing a temporary injunction placed by a federal judge last week on its new overtime pay rules.

      The notice of appeal, filed by Secretary of Labor Thomas Peretz and representatives of the U.S. Department of Labor, aims to lift a temporary injunction against overtime changes that were scheduled to take effect December 1.

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    2. Pathways to Growth: The I Word

      innovation. This is especially important for mature service lines. Let’s start with a working definition. I love the one offered by Scott Anthony, author of The First Mile and other books on the subject. He suggests that innovation is “something different that creates value.” Accounting firms are often advised to innovate by differentiating their services. After all, you can’t outgrow your competitors if you don’t have new, shiny stuff on the shelf!

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    3. NASBA Chair Sets Goals

      NASBA Chair Sets Goals

      The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy’s new chairman, Telford A. Lodden, described his goals for the organization during his 2016-2017 term, urging members to maintain high standards for accountants during a recent NASBA conference. “We live in a world that wants us to widen the plate and lower the quality, but we can’t—we are regulators,” Lodden said during NASBA’s 109th Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

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    4. UPS to invest $400 million, create 1,250 jobs at Atlanta mega hub

      United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) will invest $400 million and create about 1,250 jobs at a new logistics hub near Charlie-Brown Airport on the city's Westside. Gov. Nathan Deal and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced the corporate expansion Thursday morning. On Nov. 8, Atlanta Business Chronicle reported details of the potential expansion, codenamed Project Shark. The UPS facility would be at the Majestic Logistics Center, a 340-acre development about 10 miles west of downtown Atlanta. UPS…

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    5. Domestic Manufacturers Probably Over-claimed Tax Deductions

      Domestic Manufacturers Probably Over-claimed Tax Deductions

      The IRS does not have enough controls in place to make sure U.S. manufacturers are properly claiming the Domestic Production Activities Deduction on their tax returns, according to a new report. The report, from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, identified 2,829 companies that filed returns for 2013 potentially overclaiming the DPAD by more than $27 million. The tax deduction dates back to a 2004 law known as the American Jobs Creation Act.

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    6. FASB Makes Changes to Investor Advisory Committee

      FASB Makes Changes to Investor Advisory Committee

      The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) today announced refinements to the role of its Investor Advisory Committee (IAC). The IAC was originally formed by the FASB in 2007 as the Investors Technical Advisory Committee. The changes come as part of the FASB’s periodic review of the effectiveness of each of its advisory groups. “Our review of the IAC reinforced the continued importance of having an advisory group dedicated to investors,” stated FASB Chairman Russell G. Golden.

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    7. Accounting Could Play Role in Reaching U.N. Global Goals

      Accounting Could Play Role in Reaching U.N. Global Goals

      The International Federation of Accountants has released a report describing how the accounting profession can help the United Nations achieve its sustainable development goals. IFAC’s new report offers a look at the accounting profession’s contribution to achieving the U.N.’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The report describes how the profession contributes to eight of the U.N.’s goals, including several activities and initiatives within the profession that support the goals.

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    8. These High-Powered Brits Just Put the Brakes on Brexit

      Brexit may, it turns out, not mean Brexit.

      On Thursday, the U.K. High Court judges put the experts back in control of the Brexit process, giving lawmakers the final say over whether the country actually follows through on its referendum vote to leave the EU.

      There is now a much stronger chance that the Brexit process will be substantially slowed down, watered down, and even, maybe, reversed.

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    9. The Voices of Tomorrow

      The Voices of Tomorrow

      As Millennials enter the workforce and steadily gain more and more leadership roles, current managers might want to know a bit more about their younger counterparts to ensure the ongoing success of their practices. The profession, in many ways, has been preparing for this transition. One such initiative is the American Institute of CPAs’ Leadership Academy, held this year Oct. 2–6 in Durham, N.C.

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    10. IRS Previews Audit Techniques for Tangible Property Regulations

      IRS Previews Audit Techniques for Tangible Property Regulations

      Most taxpayers have finalized implementation of the Tangible Property Regulations over a year ago. These regulations covered how to determine when an expenditure is capital versus when an expenditure can be treated as an expense. In most situations, the implementation of these regulations is considered to be taxpayer favorable. Most taxpayers who correctly implement these regulations will find that more items can be expensed as compared to the old rules.

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      1. We're certainly seeing a good increase in million-dollar gifts and above as well, at least reaching last year's total but most likely the trend suggests that we will surpass last year.
        By Don Fellows
      2. The strong pace of job growth continued in November as the unemployment rate held at its lowest level since April 2008 and labor force participation ticked up.
        By Jason Furman
      3. In today's fast-paced and increasingly competitive marketplace, corporate executives and line-of-business (LoB) managers need easy access to reliable KPI data that can help them make real-time business decisions.
        By Jeffrey M. Kaplan
      4. Organizations want to have the ability to leverage server and storage and networking technology from a variety of vendors and to be able to run the applications on the best suited hardware, whether it's in their data center or in the cloud.
        By Brian Cohen
      5. Venture Atlanta continues to play a significant role in spotlighting the Southeast as an epicenter of entrepreneurial innovation and success.
        By Tino Mantella
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