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    1. Trump to name former Gov. Sonny Perdue agriculture secretary

      President-elect Donald Trump picked another Georgian to fill his last open Cabinet position. Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is expected to head up the Agriculture Department, according to NPR. In the position of agriculture secretary, Perdue would lead programs that some Republicans have eyed cutting, like food for the poor, financial assistance for farmers and new school lunch standards. Perdue was governor from 2003 to 2011. He was once a member of the Democratic party, then switched to the…

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    2. Income Taxes: IRS Says File Early and Expect Refund Delays

      After beefing up its security process, the IRS is warning of delays to some tax returns and urging people to file early. Tax season opens Jan. 23, but a new law requires the IRS to hold on to returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit until Feb. 15. That means the money won't start showing up in bank accounts until around the end of February, the agency warned.

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    3. Is Tax Avoidance Related to Business Risk? | CPA Practice Advisor

      Is Tax Avoidance Related to Business Risk? | CPA Practice Advisor

      How much tax should U.S. corporations pay? Even as a national legislative consensus seems to be growing that the current federal statutory rate of 35% is too high, a large swath of public opinion, particularly on the political left, contends that companies too often find ways to pay less than their fair share. Indeed, suspicions about company successes in lowering their taxes are not confined to the political left.

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    4. $15 million public-private Atlanta venture fund launched

      Local government is getting in on the tech accelerator action. The City is collaborating with Georgia Tech and 10 Atlanta corporations to launch Engage, a "mentorship-driven" accelerator program and $15 million venture fund. Engage is open to startups across the country, with a focus placed on mentoring and market access strategies, according to the City. Applications will be available in early 2017, with programming scheduled to begin in the spring.

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    5. CFOs Say Sloppy Work is Biggest Peeve | CPA Practice Advisor

      Want to get on your manager's good side? Don't let the details slide. In a new survey by staffing firm Accountemps, more than one-third (35 percent) of CFOs cited lacking attention to detail or sloppy work as the most annoying behavior by coworkers. For 28 percent of respondents, gossiping or engaging in office politics was their biggest pet peeve, marking a five percent increase from a similar survey in 2011. CFOs were asked, "Which one of the following coworker behaviors annoys you the most?"

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    6. FBI Tips on Network Security for Small Business | CPA Practice Advisor

      FBI Tips on Network Security for Small Business | CPA Practice Advisor

      In addition to securing your data, there are everyday network security concerns that we all face. Here’s what we learned by talking with a James M.T. Morrison, a Senior Computer Scientist at the FBI who is working to educate and empower companies to be more secure. [From the dataquest blog.] 40% of all cyber threats to your company are from an internal source. And your network security is only as good as your weakest link.

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    7. Atlanta job market looking strong for 2017

      Two major personal finance websites are betting on Atlanta to be a red-hot market for job seekers in 2017.

      A new report from WalletHub ranked Atlanta the No. 25 best city for jobs out of 150 of the most populated U.S. cities. Atlanta had a total score of 58.6, had a “Job Market” rank of No. 25 and a “Socioeconomic Environment” rank of No. 45.

      WalletHub’s analysts compared the cities across 23 indicators of job-market strength ranging from “job opportunities” and “employment growth”…

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    8. AICPA releases revenue recognition guide | Accounting Today

      The American Institute of CPAs has issued a new audit and accounting guide on the revenue recognition standard. The online edition of the AICPA’s Audit & Accounting Guide on Revenue Recognition aims to help entities and auditors understand, implement and audit the converged standard released in 2014 by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board.

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    9. State tax credits that encourage and reward growing businesses

      State tax credits and incentives are big business and often create a mutually-beneficial relationship between the providers and recipients of the incentives.

      These incentives can spur growth in traditionally underrepresented industries, such as enticing technology companies to relocate high-paying jobs and highly-educated personnel, or establishing data centers to increase a state’s presence in the cloud computing era.

      Other incentives may be focused on manufacturing, providing incentives to…

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    10. Atlanta No. 6 best city for job seekers in 2017

      Looking for a new job? You may not have to look very far – or hard – based on a new study that lists Atlanta among the top 10 “Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2017.”

      The NerdWallet study examined federal data on 100 of the country’s largest cities. It names the places where people are not only most likely to find opportunities, but also where they will earn the most bang for their buck. The cities are scored based on several factors, including October 2016 employment numbers, workforce…

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      1. We're certainly seeing a good increase in million-dollar gifts and above as well, at least reaching last year's total but most likely the trend suggests that we will surpass last year.
        By Don Fellows
      2. The strong pace of job growth continued in November as the unemployment rate held at its lowest level since April 2008 and labor force participation ticked up.
        By Jason Furman
      3. In today's fast-paced and increasingly competitive marketplace, corporate executives and line-of-business (LoB) managers need easy access to reliable KPI data that can help them make real-time business decisions.
        By Jeffrey M. Kaplan
      4. Organizations want to have the ability to leverage server and storage and networking technology from a variety of vendors and to be able to run the applications on the best suited hardware, whether it's in their data center or in the cloud.
        By Brian Cohen
      5. Venture Atlanta continues to play a significant role in spotlighting the Southeast as an epicenter of entrepreneurial innovation and success.
        By Tino Mantella
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