1. Gap InternationalVoice: How Investing In Employee Growth Can Help Organizations Thrive

    Gap InternationalVoice: How Investing In Employee Growth Can Help Organizations Thrive

    Organic growth is challenging for organizations today amid increased competition, changing technology and tightening regulations.

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    1. We're trying to develop leaders who can lead in a breakthrough environment.
    2. Organic growth is hard because it's normally viewed as dependent on marketplace conditions.
    3. Growth happens by people getting a bigger or different perspective on the market or their abilities — who they are, what they can make happen, their inventiveness.
    4. They have to be willing to get that something else is possible other than what the current reality says.
    5. We came to the conclusion that we didn't have enough leaders focused on developing their people.
    6. Everybody thinks you need to develop people so that they can be promoted, but at Ace we actually think development is something that can help everyone improve in their existing roles.
    7. You need to keep growing it, not because the plant is rotting [then it's usually too late], but because you want it to flourish.
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