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    1. Windham Brannon Offers Virtual Accounting Solutions

      Windham Brannon Offers Virtual Accounting Solutions

      ATLANTA – (August 9, 2016) – Windham Brannon, a leading provider of tax, audit, accounting and advisory services, has expanded its technology offerings to include Virtual Accounting Solutions. The service provides small- to medium-sized (SMBs) clients with financial management, automated accounting processes, tax planning, as well as access and visibility into financial information 24/7, allowing them to make proactive decisions in real-time. 

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    2. Research: Want More Entrepreneurs? Make College Cheaper

      Research: Want More Entrepreneurs? Make College Cheaper

      When college tuition rises, fewer people take the plunge into entrepreneurship, according to a new working paper by Harvard Business School economist Gareth Olds. The paper isn’t studying Millennials and how student debt affects their career choices. Instead, it’s focused on their parents. Olds found that in the U.S., a 10% increase in the average price of in-state college tuition corresponds with a 13.9% decrease in the number of parents with college-age children who become self-employed.

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    3. Atlanta No. 10 best environment for small business

      Small business professionals in Atlanta say the the Big Peach is the place to be for small businesses.

      According to San Francisco-based Thumbtack Inc.'s Small Business Friendliness Survey, Atlanta's economic policies earned an "A" grade this year in the rankings, placing the city among the top compared to its peers.

      Atlanta's grade from the survey has fluctuated. The city earned an "A-" in 2014 before falling to a "B+" last year.

      Here is how Atlanta stacked up:

      Overall friendliness – A Ease…

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    4. Atlanta small business owners upbeat about economy, but slow hiring

      A new survey by Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC) says Atlanta small business owners have greater confidence in the economy than other small business owners across the country – but they are taking a wait-and-see approach to hiring and growth.

      Thirty-seven percent of local entrepreneurs believe the national economy will improve over the next 12 months, compared with 29 percent nationally, and 48 percent expect their local economy to improve – 10 percentage points higher than the national average,…

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    5. The Greatest Barriers to Growth, According to Executives

      The Greatest Barriers to Growth, According to Executives

      A large, iconic multinational is now struggling to keep growing while being chased by leaner, more aggressive competitors. To find the next wave of growth, they were taking a hard look at their bureaucracy. “When I joined the company, the front line management jobs were the best,” the CEO told us. He had started his career in one of those jobs, as a country manager, and worked his way up.

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    6. Obama Seeks to Expand 401(k) Use by Employers Pooling Plans

      (Bloomberg) President Barack Obama will propose allowing small businesses to more easily pool 401(k) plans, in the hope that more Americans will adopt a crucial tool to save for retirement. The proposal, to be included in his 2017 budget, represents Obama’s latest attempt to leverage an issue with some Republican support to both tick off an item on his agenda—longstanding concerns about Americans’ retirement security—and influence the campaign to succeed him.

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    7. Report Shows Opportunity Loss for Women-Owned Businesses

      Report Shows Opportunity Loss for Women-Owned Businesses

      The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce issued a detailed statistical report (http://uswcc.org/wake-up-call) and wake-up call highlighting the disparity between the number of women business owners in America and their business revenues. This report, derived from the recently released 2012 U.S. Census Survey of Business Owners details the stark reality: women business owners are failing to achieve revenues on par with male-owned firms.

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    8. Most SMBs are Self-Financed

      The vast majority of small and midsize businesses are self-financed by their owners, according to a new survey. The survey, by BlueVine, an online provider of working capital for small businesses, found that only 15 percent of SMBs use bank loans. Based on a survey of 692 SMB owners in various industries throughout the U.S., BlueVine found that 83 percent of SMB owners have bootstrapped their companies and built them using their own personal finances.

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    9. Year-End Tax Tips for Businesses

      The National Society of Accountants is offering some year-end tax tips for businesses, courtesy of Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting US. Consider several general strategies, such as use of traditional timing techniques for income and deductions and the role of the tax extenders, as well as strategies targeted to your particular business. As in past years, planning is uncertain because of the Affordable Care Act and the expiration of many popular but temporary tax breaks.

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    10. 5 Email Retention Tips for Small Businesses | CPA Practice Advisor

      5 Email Retention Tips for Small Businesses | CPA Practice Advisor

      Many people have a simple email retention policy: Keep everything forever. A few people just delete everything once they handle it. Both of these approaches have risks that may be unacceptable to your business, but how would you know that? Well, you have to ask. Whom should you ask? What is the best way to design email retention policies that both minimize risk and optimize productivity?

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    11. 1 in 3 Americans Lacks Faith in Charities, Chronicle Poll Finds

      Almost two-thirds of Americans have a great deal or a fair amount of confidence in charities, according to a new Chronicle poll — the first to measure public views on that question since 2008. More than 80 percent said charities do a very good or somewhat good job helping people. But a significant number expressed concern about finances: A third said charities do a "not too good" or "not at all good" job spending money wisely; 41 percent said their leaders are paid too much.

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    12. The Top Regulatory Issues for Small Businesses | CPA Practice Advisor

      The Top Regulatory Issues for Small Businesses | CPA Practice Advisor

      For businesses struggling with staying up-to-date on the latest regulations coming out of Washington and their local jurisdictions, the summer of 2015 has been anything but lazy. “A major ruling on the Affordable Care Act, coupled with news of the Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule, has meant a busy and potentially uncertain time for business owners this summer, “ said Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO.

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    13. How the Supreme Court's Ruling on Healthcare Tax Credits Impacts Small Businesses

      How the Supreme Court's Ruling on Healthcare Tax Credits Impacts Small Businesses

      Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court made the decision to uphold the outlay of premium tax credits to all eligible taxpayers for health insurance premiums, including those who purchased them through federally established marketplaces. The Court’s ruling will have an impact on many businesses, particularly when filing information with the Internal Revenue Service for the 2015 tax year.

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    14. 4 Common Myths About Your Company’s Insurance Policy

      4 Common Myths About Your Company’s Insurance Policy

      Think being a small business means having small liability exposure? Think again. I field a lot of questions about small business insurance from potential customers, and I'm always surprised by how many of them pivot on the idea of size. For example, people want to know if they need insurance if they only have three employees or if they're just working part time out of a home office. The answer is usually "yes.

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    15. A portrait of disruption: Your outdated business can't hide from the idea economy

      Right now, somewhere in the world, there's a teenager sitting in her bedroom, drawing up the blueprints to take down one of the modern era's most established businesses. She didn't go to business school – she probably hasn’t even graduated high school – but in today's digital environment, she's powerful enough to change the way we think about our world. This is the Idea Economy.

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    16. Wage and Employment Growth Accelerating for Millennials | Accounting Today News

      Wage and Employment Growth Accelerating for Millennials | Accounting Today News

      Millennials are seeing gains in wage and employment growth, according to new data from payroll giant ADP that also found significant gains among older workers who delay retirement. The ADP Workforce Vitality Index, which measures the total wages paid to the U.S. private sector workforce, is 108 in the second quarter of 2015, growing 4.1 percent from a year ago and slightly higher than the previous quarter. For younger workers, the growth can be attributed mostly to strong growth in wages.

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    17. Entrepreneurs Drawn to Starting Incubators

      Entrepreneurs Drawn to Starting Incubators

      Last week I was reading an article about a successful entrepreneur that had started an incubator to work on multiple startups simultaneously. Incubators, now called studios or labs, were popularized during the dot com boom, and most failed to work, leaving a negative connotation for many people. Now, the cost to start is 10x cheaper and there are millions of people with mobile broadband connections, making for a different dynamic compared to 15 years ago.

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    18. Small Business Optimism at 5 Year High

      Small Business Optimism at 5 Year High

      Small business optimism is at an all-time high since the Great Recession, according to the 2015 Capital One Small... The Most Effective B-to-B Sales Processes for Small Businesses The small business mentoring organization SCORE has gathered statistics that report on which sources are... Small Business Week 2015 Kicks Off with Slogan "Dream Big, Start Small" Today in Miami and Boca Raton, Fla, the U.S. Small Business Administration kicked off National Small Business... DAILY NEWS U.S.

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